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Sailing Cruise
madiba sailing cruise
Enjoy your next cruise vacation aboard a catamaran yacht sailing in the BVI.

Their ultimate "Reality" in a Luxurious Ocean sailing cruise catamaran !

A sailing cruise is the most unique and personalized vacation you can imagine! The professional crew members of your catamaran will be your captain, chef, tour guide, watersports activities director, nature guide (both above and below the water), and more!

Imagine, leisurely cruising around the beautiful British Virgin Islands on your own, luxury, skippered, catamaran cruise? Just a dream I hear you say, but now Madiba brings this dream within reach of almost everyone, with their new sailing yacht charter. They have taken the inherently stable, "American Houseboat" concept, with its luxurious, spacious interior design, as a base, modified the hull, and re designed the interior as a luxury hotel, to bring you your own private Caribbean villa, but with the big advantage of being able to be sailing from island to island, or secluded beach, as you wish.

Essentially the boat is a cross between a villa and a motor yacht, with all of the benefits of both but none of the downsides. The crew takes care of all boat duties and every want or whim of the guests, who can truly relax and enjoy the experience of luxury sailing in the grand manner associated with this type of holiday, but without the grand outlay.

We have chosen to gently cruise the tranquil, crystal clear, tropical waters of the British Virgin Islands, known by the initiated as Nature's Little Secrets, and the finest sailing grounds in the world. The locals are laid back, and show real warmth to every visitor, this is where you are transported back in time to a long forgotten age, where deserted islands, palm trees, and beautiful coral beaches abound, and you can genuinely say you have at last "found paradise"

British Virgin Islands
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